Nutritional needs for your pet

Nutrition is a foundation to the health of our pets. There will be times where we will make recommendations for a diet change or supplement addition for your pet’s health. Some dog breeds will require a different balance of protein and minerals during their growth phase vs other breeds. Some cats require supplements to boost their immune systems to help fight viral outbreaks.

There are many pet food brands that can be purchased in grocery and pet food stores. Some of these brands have not had scientific standardized feeding research to support their pet food claims. Certain disease conditions will benefit from feeding your pet a medical diet that helps treat the disease condition or to slow the disease process down. These medical or prescription diets come with the scientific research and support of the pet food manufacturer that their foods are warranted for use with specific disease processes. These medical diets are sold through our hospital pharmacy.

Periodically, our veterinary family will discuss your pet’s body weight during your visit.  Approximately 54% of our family pets are overweight or obese (  This excess body weight allows our pets to be more susceptible to disease conditions such as diabetes, cancer, back or knee injuries and a low-grade body ache.   When we make diet suggestions at Grandview Animal Care Center, we do this with love and compassion for you and your pet.   Along with a nutritional consult we can offer exercise plans through our rehabilitation service and behavior services.
Please do not hesitate to ask us questions about your pet’s body condition and nutritional needs.


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After Hours Emergency Care

During times that we are not open or do not have a veterinarian available to handle your emergency, please contact;

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Greater Buffalo Veterinary Emergency Clinic

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