2018 Dog Olympics!!

Join us Saturday August 25th as talented dogs compete for their chance at GOLD!!

Your dog can compete in any of the 8 events that may require a steady hand, a powerful tongue and fast paws!

Events Include:

Toilet Paper Dog Walk 2018:

An added twist to an old favorite!  This new version requires handlers and dogs to first race to a box of clothing, where dogs must be dressed in a t-shirt with one leg through each sleeve, a scarf and two socks as well as a toilet paper leash! Dogs are then heeled back to the starting line without ripping the leash.

First 3 to cross the starting line WIN!

Obedience Baseball:

Dog and owner run bases and tag each.  Along with running the bases, dogs will have to complete a designated command at each base to move on.  Fastest three times win!  (Times out at 3 minutes)

Musical Sit:

An elimination event.  Medals awarded to the top three dogs left sitting after the music stops (similar to musical chairs).

Frisbee Toss:

Judges score this event.  Scores are based  on length of toss, height of the catch and the precision of the catch.

Bobbing for Biscuits:

Timed event…treats are floated in a small tub, and dogs must bob and eat each treat.  Fasted 3 times win! (Times out at 3 minutes)

Obstacle Course:

Must complete entire course…fastest 3 times win!

Quick Draw Tongue:

Who can empty the spoon of peanut butter the fastest???

Best Costume:

1st and 2nd place trophy awarded!

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