2019 Dog Olympics!!

Join us Saturday August 24th as talented dogs compete for their chance at GOLD!!

Your dog can compete in any of the 8 events that may require a steady hand, a powerful tongue and fast paws!

Events Include:

Toilet Paper Dog Walk 2019:

An added twist to an old favorite!  This new version requires handlers and dogs to first race to a box of clothing, where dogs must be dressed in a t-shirt with one leg through each sleeve, a scarf and two socks as well as a toilet paper leash! Dogs are then heeled back to the starting line without ripping the leash.

First 3 to cross the starting line WIN!

Obedience Baseball:

Dog and owner run bases and tag each.  Along with running the bases, dogs will have to complete a designated command at each base to move on.  Fastest three times win!  (Times out at 3 minutes)

Musical Sit:

An elimination event.  Medals awarded to the top three dogs left sitting after the music stops (similar to musical chairs).

Frisbee Toss:

Judges score this event.  Scores are based  on length of toss, height of the catch and the precision of the catch.

Bobbing for Biscuits:

Timed event…treats are floated in a small tub, and dogs must bob and eat each treat.  Fasted 3 times win! (Times out at 3 minutes)

Obstacle Course:

Must complete entire course…fastest 3 times win!

Quick Draw Tongue:

Who can empty the spoon of peanut butter the fastest???

Pet/Owner Look Alike Contest:

1st and 2nd place trophy awarded!

Complete the Pre-Registration Form below.

2019 Dog Olympics Pre-Registration

    Despite careful and proper preparation, instruction, medical advice, conditioning and equipment, I understand that there is risk of serious damage or injury to another dog, it’s owner/handler or other persons or animals, my guest(s), my property, my dog(s) and others participating in the event. I hereby agree to assume these risks for my dog(s), my guest(s) my property and myself. Grandview Animal Care Center reserves the right to share your pet’s photograph on our websites and social media outlets. I have read, and understand the above information, warning of risk, assumption of risk and waiver and release of all claims.